Volume 84, Issue 3

Mot de la présidente

2019: Faire fructifier la croissance

(Free) La nouvelle présidente d’EPS Canada, Lori Munro-Sigfridson, fait le bilan de l’année qui se termine et tourne son regard vers d’autres grands projets en 2019
Dans les nouvelles

PHE Canada Position Statement: Ontario Human Development and Sexual Health Education

(Free) Earlier this school year, the organization responded to Premier Doug Ford's recent announcement that Ontario school boards will revert back to the 1998 sexual health education curriculum
Produit éditorial

Mavericks Among Us

(Free) In this issue, we celebrate the lives of three mavericks of the profession, and recognize the ways so many in our field work to inspire and motivate change, whether it's in the classroom, throughout a community or across the entire country