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L’initiative sur la santé mentale Faites une différence : partagez verse des subventions à cinq écoles

(Free) Pour aider à promouvoir davantage les pratiques exemplaires au profit des enfants et des jeunes Canadiens, EPS Canada a lancé Faites une différence : partagez, une initiative relevant du programme Enseignez la résilience, et a récemment versé des subventions en argent à cinq écoles exemplaires.
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Community Leader Spotlight: Dave Walls

(Premium) This award winning physical and health education teacher is passionate about teaching, coaching and student equity.
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Still Time To Apply for QDPE Awards

(Free) PHE Canada will be accepting applications from any Canadian school until March 13, 2019.
D'un enseignant à l'autre

D’un enseignant à l’autre : Comment lutter contre l’épuisement professionnel

(Premium) Les enseignantes et enseignants font part de leurs meilleures idées pour lutter contre la routine et l’épuisement professionnel.
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Tools for the Trade

(Premium) Try on a new resource for size, including a kid-lit series on sports, a PE teacher's multi-purpose blog and a handy fitness app to engage students in class.
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Anti-Hazing Toolkit: Making Team Bonding a Safe and Positive Experience

(Premium) Prepared by Canadian physical and health education experts, this anti-hazing resource for high school and post-secondary coaches and teachers aims to understand, prevent and transform team bonding hazing.
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When Life Puts Well-Being to the Test

(Premium) In times of stress and overload, it's more important than ever to refill your own tank.
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The Principal Factor: A Literature Review Juxtaposing the Roles of Elementary School Physical Education Teachers and Principals

(Premium) This peer-reviewed feature considers the critical role a principal plays in determining the quality of their school's PE program.
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The Relationship Between Physical Literacy and Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity Among Children 8-12 Years

(Premium) This study investigates whether specific levels of MVPA could be predicted based on physical literacy scores for children between the ages of 8 and 12.
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Time to Recharge

(Free) Let the season motivate you to find new ideas, seek change and be inspired.