D'un enseignant à l'autre

Entre enseignants : Moyens pour rendre les cours d’éducation physique plus inclusifs

(Premium) Encourageons tous les élèves à tirer le meilleur parti possible de l’éducation physique, du fait d’adapter et modifier les cours et offrir beaucoup de choix.
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In Memoriam: Donnie Williams, Earle Zeigler and Jack McKenzie

(Premium) Friends and colleagues reflect on the lives and accomplishments of three of the profession's greats
Activités parascolaires et intramuros

Resources for Safe and Effective After School Activities

(Premium) The hours between school and early evening, from 3 to 6 p.m., are critical to the health and well being of children and youth
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Mavericks Among Us

(Free) In this issue, we celebrate the lives of three mavericks of the profession, and recognize the ways so many in our field work to inspire and motivate change, whether it's in the classroom, throughout a community or across the entire country
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Community Leader Spotlight: Jenny Mitchell

(Premium) This health-promoting schools coordinator shares her passion for fitness and wellness with students, colleagues, and families in her B.C. community
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2019: Faire fructifier la croissance

(Free) La nouvelle présidente d’EPS Canada, Lori Munro-Sigfridson, fait le bilan de l’année qui se termine et tourne son regard vers d’autres grands projets en 2019
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Five Sources of Inspiration for the New Year

(Premium) From an award-winning teacher in a fly-in Inuit community, to a YouTube host with practical tips on in-class strategies, check out these sources of new ideas for 2019
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PHE Canada Position Statement: Ontario Human Development and Sexual Health Education

(Free) Earlier this school year, the organization responded to Premier Doug Ford's recent announcement that Ontario school boards will revert back to the 1998 sexual health education curriculum