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R. Tait McKenzie Scholar Address 2018: Sandra Gibbons

(Premium) Sandra Gibbons addresses Dr. McKenzie's legacy of physical activity for all and shares research focusing on increasing young girls' and women's meaningful engagement in physical education
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Conférence : Nouvelles perspectives et l’union fait la forces

(Premium) La conférence nationale du printemps dernier incluait de nouvelles voix, des occasions de collaboration et plein d’inspiration.
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(Premium) testing to see if we have the same problem with the cover article stick at the top of each page
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Presenting PHE Canada's 2018 Award Winners

(Free) This past spring, PHE Canada presented awards to inspiring professionals, scholars and students, and one remarkable school, for outstanding contributions to the physical health and wellness of Canadian youth
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D’un enseignant à l’autre : rendre les ours sur la nutrition intéressants

(Premium) De l’adaptation de recettes familiales à l’organisation de séances de dégustation, les enseignantes et enseignants offrent des conseils utiles sur la façon d’offrir des cours sur la saine alimentation efficaces et concrets.
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Peer Review: Impacts of the 2018 Newfoundland and Labrador Winter Games on youth who participated in the sport of Olympic Wrestling with Team Indigenous

(Premium) This study examines how participation on a wrestling team impacted participants' wellbeing, and more Catherine Donovan (725), Adam Dubrowski (722)
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From Dancing Girls to Elder Statesmen

(Premium) The CAHPER Dance Committee, in the years between 1965-1985, faced all sorts of challenges. There were philosophical and organizational hurdles, as well as discussions about gender inclusivity and the difference between dance in education and dance as an art form.
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In This Issue: A Spectrum of Inspiration

(Free) From practical tips on teaching nutrition in class, to a deep-dive into the history of the CAHPER dance committee, this issue features a diverse collection of articles, ideas and perspectives