Teacher to Teacher

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It's #TeachertoTeacher time! What book, podcast, or influencer would you recommend as essential for other PHE educators when it comes to personal development and PHE programming? 


“Loads of them! @responsivePE and @thepespecialist are first 2 influencers that come to mind. As well as the book Responsive Classroom for Music, Art & P.E..” - Lynn Dawson @WestCoast_PE



“Two books that have dramatically changed how I approach teaching PHE.” - 

Dan Vigliatore @PhysEdDynasty




1 ‘Spark’ John Ratey


2 ‘Meaningful Physical Education: An Approach for Teaching and Learning’ Fletcher, Beni,Gleddie & Chroinin


“I've really enjoyed all the ideas shared from @WannaTeachPE and just picked up the book Wanna Teach PE by Ben Holden: An A-Z Guide for the Next Generation of Aspiring Teachers - great inspiration for veteran teachers, too! I also enjoy  @Lee_Sullivan85 's work on meaningful PE.” - 

Kris Ewing @BLandL111