Time to Recharge

Information d'avantage sur la paternité

As I write this, I’m staring out the window at a stubborn mountain of snow on our front lawn that refuses to melt. As much as our family loves skiing and playing hockey and sledding, we’re all ready for a little green.

Warmer temperatures would be nice. But even more than that, I think we’re all looking for a little something to energize us and help us recharge.

For physical and health education professionals, thankfully, there’s an ideal chance to recharge coming up just around the corner. The PHE Canada National Conference taking place from May 1 to 4 in Montreal is always an inspiring high point of the season, spent connecting with colleagues and learning from leaders in the field.

Our teacher-to-teacher column this month answers one PE teacher’s question on this very topic: How to stay inspired—and beat professional burnout. Colleagues’ suggestions get creative and range from professional learning to swapping equipment to prioritizing self-care, in order to keep things fresh.

Sometimes it takes a new approach to tackle a longstanding problem. This issue we’re pleased to share an anti-hazing toolkit, created by physical and health education professionals, and designed for coaches and PE instructors at the high school, college and university levels.

Much like the creators of this toolkit, it can take standout professionals to ‘think different’ and change the status quo. That's why we're especially thrilled to turn our community spotlight on one truly remarkable PE teacher – Dave Walls. He’s developed an award-winning program at his Windsor-area high school, called the African Canadian Culture Experience (A.C.C.E), to help his students dream big. Walls inspires his students by exposing them to post-secondary education opportunities and positive role models in their own community.

We’re proud to present these stories, and more, in this issue of the Journal. Here’s hoping you find yourself energized, inspired and ready for the warmer days ahead.

See you at the conference in May!