Presenting PHE Canada's 2018 Award Winners

Information d'avantage sur la paternité

This past spring, PHE Canada presented awards to some of this country's most inspiring professionals, scholars and students, and to one remarable school, for their outstanding commitment to physical health and education and their contirbution to the wellness of Canadian youth. 

R. Tait McKenzie award of honour

PHE Canada's most prestigious award is named after the distinguished Canadian physician, sculptor and physical educator, Dr. R. Tait McKenzie. The award epitomizes Dr. Tait McKenzie's professional ideals, his service to humanity, and his dedication to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of physical and health education, recreation and dance. 

This year, the award went to Dr. Joy Butler. (See the transcription of Dr. Butler's address, published in full in this edition of the Journal.)

Health promoting school champion award

This award recognizes an individual, group or organization for their exemplary contribution to the development, promotion and/or implementation of health promoting schools. 

This year, PHE Canada recognized Ranch Park Elementary School, in Coquitlam B.C. for this award.

National award for teaching excellence in physical education

This award honours exceptional teachers for their excellence in teaching physical education and their ability to motivate children and youth to participate in physical activity. This award is the only national award in Canada that recognizes physical education teachers for their hard work and dedication in helping to build strong, healthy and physically active children.

This year, three exceptional teachers were recognized:

  • Nadeen Halls
  • Nancy McKeage
  • Murray Speers

Dr. Andy Anderson young professional award

The Dr. Andy Anderson young professional award is given to one individual per province that best epitomizes exemplary work on behalf of the profession. 

  • Jonathan Mauro (Alberta)
  • Dallas Thiessen (Saskatchewan)
  • Dean Hardern (Manitoba)
  • Natasha Nabuurs (Prince Edward Island)

Research council emerging scholar

The Physical & Health Education Canada research council’s emerging scholar award recognizes graduate students’ commitment to the rResearch council, as evidenced through experiences and potential in scholarly teaching, research and leadership. It serves as an opportunity to acknowledge the potential of individual student members as future scholars and promoters of physical and health education within Canada.

This year, two graduate students were recognized for their exceptional work and contributions:

  • Jennifer Gruno
  • Derek Wasyliw

PHE Canada Student Award

This award recognizes outstanding undergraduate student leadership in the field of physical and health education or related discipline. The following students were recognized this year for their exemplary contributions: 

  • Charlene Baker, University of Regina - Yukon College
  • Rachel Bennet, University of New Brunswick
  • Shannah Burrows, St. Francis Xavier University
  • Tristan Frei, University of Regina
  • Emily Ip, University of British Columbia
  • Paige Johnston, University of Ottawa
  • Mikela Lemieux, Laurentian University
  • Sarah Roy, Université d'Ottawa
  • McKenna Simpson, University of Victoria
  • Arthur Szydlowski, Queen`s University
  • Samantha Toulman, University of Winnipeg
  • Simone Turner-Cummer, Brandon University

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