Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Not Optional!

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PHE Canada has experienced many changes over the last decade. With these changes have come excellent opportunities for transformation. As the new year moves forward, let's continue to learn, change and grow together.

This past decade PHE Canada has experienced many changes. We have seen changes in leadership, staff, programs and office spaces. We have introduced a new network gathering focusing on healthy school communities and moved our physical and health education conference to an annual assembly. We have developed strong relationships with other national and provincial organizations that support the healthy growth and development of students within the school space and strengthened our ties with the Council of Provinces and Territories as well as the PHE Canada Research Council. We have worked in tandem with First Nations Communities to develop culturally responsive programming and created resources and programs that embrace new Canadians as they settle in their new home country. 
As an organization, we believe that change can be synonymous with growth. As we have responded to the changing landscape that makes up the school space we have looked to see where we can grow as an organization. What enables us to do this is the talent, passion, expertise and collective drive that makes up our national office team. They are the kinetic energy that leverage opportunities for our organization to grow and be recognized as the leading expert in physical and health education nationally. They work diligently to maintain a high level of professionality as established thought leaders in comprehensive school health as well as the convener of educators, researchers and community partners that support student wellbeing and academic achievement and the organization that represents all PHE professionals across Canada in both official languages.
At this time of year, it is the historical practice to reflect which we have however as an organization we practice reflective observation routinely. It has enabled us to be nimble, responsive and attentive to the needs of our membership as well as empower us to embrace change and growth because for us change is inevitable but growth is not optional it is obligatory. 
On behalf of our PHE Canada team, I wish you all a wonderful year, full of great moments and learnings. I hope to see many of you at our national conference on PEI this spring. Let’s change, grow and learn together.
All the best,