About the PHE Journal

The Physical and Health Education Journal (PHE Journal) is known worldwide as one of the leading periodicals in physical and health education. As PHE Canada’s signature piece, this practical magazine provides a forum to highlight, analyze, discuss and share many of the leading-edge teaching techniques, hot issues, and school successes in the fields of school health and physical education.

Published quarterly, the PHE Journal features practical articles dealing with school physical education, active living, fitness, health education, intramurals, teacher education, assessment and lesson plans.

Each issue is a valuable teaching tool that will keep you abreast of the latest teaching strategies, programs, resources, hot issues, concepts and trends.

Editor-in-Chief, Jaishree Drepaul-Bruder

During her time as Editor-in-Chief at Vervegirl Magazine, Jaishree effectively oversaw all the day-to-day operations of the publication. Aside from being wild for the written word, Jaishree is passionate about yoga (she’s a certified kundalini yoga teacher), and off-the-beaten-path travel (she recently spent close to five years as an expat in Southeast Asia). Her free time is spent stargazing, meditating and forest-bathing. As the mother of two young boys (ages 11 and 13), who values health and wellness, working for PHE Canada is personally meaningful and rewarding.

Have a Story Idea? 

The PHE Journal is always looking for great content for our readers. Please submit your proposals for articles and scholarly articles to Melissa Campeau, PHE Journal Editor-in-Chief: phejournal [at] phecanada.ca 

We accept peer-reviewed or general interest research articles, case studies, reviews and interviews that advance the theory and practice of physical and health education.

Subjects of interest include: physical education; health education; mental health; holistic health; physical literacy; health literacy; nutrition; dance education; international guidelines; policy; pedagogy; advocacy; and leadership development. 

Peer Reviewed Articles should be between 2500-3000 words. All research, facts, figures and quotations must be properly cited. Submissions are subject to a rigorous double-blind review process.

Abstracts should be a maximum of 150 words.

General Interest Articles should be between 500-900 words.

General interest content should introduce new research, offer a fresh perspective, a first-person account or success story, or provide service to our readership. The tone should be professional, warm and accessible, rather than formal or academic.

A brief (maximum 50 word) author biography and picture should be included with both peer reviewed and general interest submissions.

Send your submissions to the Editor-in-Chief: phejournal [at] phecanada.ca