Editor's Letter

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Welcome to the first PHE Journal for 2020! 

We're delighted to present a wonderful issue full of information that will, hopefully, get you thinking about how you approach the year ahead.

In her letter from the President, Lori Munro-Sigfridson reminds us about the benefits of embracing change. Reflecting on some of the changes that PHE Canada has seen in the last 10 years, Lori underscores the connection to growth and transformation.

It goes without saying that sometimes transformation (on any level) can take time, internal fortitude and resilience. In fact, it can be downright hard to keep calm, grounded and motivated. 

Finding balance has sometimes been a challenge for Susan Marshall Steele, featured in this edition's Community Leader Spotlight. The award-winning physical educator once received valuable advice on the topic and I'm confident that you'll find her insight useful. 

Shannon's Kell's column "Disconnect to Reconnect" also presents some incredible information that will help you as you move forward and pursue your goals (in and out of the educational setting). In part, she discusses the tangible benefits of taking breaks. While taking time off to unwind might seem like a no-brainer, Shannon shares how to take better breaks. Why disconnect from tech on your downtime? Why press pause outside in nature? Be sure to read her article and find out. 

Best wishes,