Serving Ourselves Helps Us Serve Our Students

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Hello PE Colleagues,

I recently had an important conversation with a colleague and friend about how as health and physical education teachers, we passionately help our students acquire the knowledge, skills, and desire to lead well-balanced and healthy lives. But, often we don’t seem able to lead those lives ourselves.

Frequently, we put “all things school” before our own well-being. An evening meeting is called last minute, and we postpone our own physical activity; intramural programs are planned during lunch, so we postpone our lunch and eat at the end of the day. We volunteer for the breakfast program, and to do so we forgo sleep and our own breakfast in order to have healthy meals ready when students arrive. All of this we gladly do, and will continue to do, because we care.

I mention these examples as a reminder, that, we too, must take care of ourselves so that we are able to better serve our students and our school communities. As the hustle and bustle of the school year begin, make a plan for self-care that you are able to accomplish. A self-care plan can help you enhance your health and wellbeing, and manage your stress. Fill your plan with self-care activities and practices that positively support your inner and outer self in equal measure. This will help you weather the school year with happiness, kindness, and balance; allowing you to respond to – instead of react – when challenging situations arise.

As summer draws to a close and with a new school year upon us, I hope you all were able to take some time to relax, play, and rejuvenate. Wishing you a school year filled with successful experiences for you and your students.

Best Wishes,