Keep Moving Forward

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"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young." —Heny Ford

Most of us wrestle to-do lists that fill our days, and then some. It's tempting to switch to auto pilot to handle everything; to do what you've always done just for the sake of getting things done.

But in the big picture, that's a bit like being a hamster on a wheel. Without some novel experiences and new roads to travel we never really get anywhere.

With that in mind, this issue's authors share their unique perspectives, offering new concepts, research and ideas.

David Chorney, an associate professor at the University of Alberta, was part of a diverse group of professionals tasked with creating a national position statement on outdoor active play for children. After immersing himself in sobering statistics about the long-term disservice of “bubble-wrapping” our children, he’s become an advocate for outdoor risky play. In this issue, he lays out the risks of doing nothing and proposes workable solutions to tackle the challenge.

Active healthy living consultant Mary Lou Andrea reports on Nova Scotia’s fresh approach to afterschool programming—and how it's positively impacting not just students, but parents, families and entire communities.

Brenda Kalyn, a faculty member at the University of Saskatchewan, teamed up with physical education teacher Eric Campbell to share how Eric’s willingness to embrace dance education has made him a better, more well-rounded professional.

New teacher Kimberley Bates shares her research into how movement can impact early students’ literacy learning—complete with a bank of ideas for lesson plans and in-class activities.

And finally, future leader in the health and physical education field, Jenna Seagrove, took part in last fall’s PHE Canada Student Leadership Conference. She writes about the activities that forced her out of her comfort zone, the sessions that opened her mind to new ideas, and the inspiration that came from the entire experience.

This issue features a diverse collection of voices and perspectives, each sharing something new to challenge, provoke or inspire.

We hope you enjoy the issue!