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Renouveau printanier : prochaines étapes stratégiques d’EPS Canada

(Free) Au fil de l’avenir, notre nouveau plan stratégique nous aidera à planter plus de graines et à cultiver plus de diversité.
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In this Issue: Energize with New Ideas

(Free) From incorporating fitness trackers into a PE program to bringing mindfulness into teaching practices, it's an issue packed with fresh inspiration.
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Success Story: Helping Kids Manage Stress

(Premium) One school board’s experience in building resiliency and promoting mental health.
D'un enseignant à l'autre

Teacher to Teacher: Getting Creative When a Gym is Out of Commission

(Premium) No gym? No problem. One teacher shares smart ideas for meeting curriculum requirements, even without a gymnasium.
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Wearable Fitness Trackers Help Manitoba High School Reach Goals

(Premium) Grade 11 and 12 students wear Fitbit bands to track their out-of-class activity, with promising results.
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Student Teachers’ Perceptions of Teaching Elementary Physical Education

(Premium) A study of teachers in a four-year elementary education degree program reveals their degree of readiness, their concerns and their discomforts when it comes to teaching elementary PE.

Community Leader Spotlight: Brian Lewis

(Premium) Co-founder of not-for-profit organization, Growing Young Movers, doctoral candidate and PHE Canada board member Brian Lewis shares what drives and inspires him.
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Educating Today’s Children Through the Lens of Mindfulness

(Premium) A look at mindfulness training in classroom scenarios, to help taechers guide students in managing stress and anxiety.