In this Issue: More Movement!

(Free) This edition of the Journal features ideas on helping children to move more, make healthier choices, engage in after school programs, and more

10 Ways to Improve Physical Culture in Our Schools

(Premium) One professor proposes a multi-point manifesto for improving the health and well-being of Canadian children

Community Leader Spotlight: Lorrie Lombardi

(Premium) A Toronto-based physical education teacher, coach and teacher educator inspires and motivates her east-end community
Peer Reviewed

Peer Review: An Evaluation of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity in an Elementary School QDPE Program

(Premium) One study examines whether children could attain 50% MVPA during PE class time, when led by a kinesiology trained PE specialist
Peer Reviewed

Peer Review: Daily Physical Activity Implementation: From Policy to Practice

(Premium) A review of recent research considers the impact of posting DPA policy on school websites, plus recommendations for more effective support of DPA implementation
Peer Reviewed

Peer Review: A Five-Part Unit for Teaching Healthy Nutrition to Adolescents

(Premium) Researchers present an adaptable teaching framework for helping students make healthy nutrition choices
Peer Reviewed

Peer Review: Reclaiming Indigenous Ways, Part I

(Free) First of a two-part series on Reclaiming Indigenous Ways: The evolution of theory in the Rec and Read/AYMP after school mentorship programs
Dance Education

Partner Work: Dance Organizations Collaborate for Bigger Impact

(Premium) Sharing Dance and ArtsAround join forces to help integrate dance into more classrooms, improve physical literacy and encourage artistic expression
Teacher to Teacher

Teacher to Teacher: Using Social Media in Class

(Premium) Teachers offer advice on how make the most of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage and motivate students

Physical and Health Education: An Event Horizon?

(Premium) Read the full text of the R. Tait McKenzie Scholarly Address from PHE Canada's recent National Conference, given by Dr. Antony Card of Memorial University of Newfoundland